Seven Generations: Nurturing a Sustainable Future

The choices we make today should be guided by a vision of a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

At the heart of Indigenous philosophy lies the profound principle of the Seven Generations, a concept rooted in the wisdom of the Haudenosaunee people. This philosophy reminds us that the choices we make today should be guided by a vision of a sustainable world seven generations into the future. It’s a timeless perspective that calls for responsible decision-making, one that considers the long-term consequences and benefits not only for our present time but also for the generations yet to come.

The Wisdom of the Elders:

Central to this philosophy are the revered figures in Indigenous communities known as Elders. Elders hold a unique and highly respected position, serving not only as community pillars but also as teachers, philosophers, linguists, historians, healers, judges, and counselors. They are the keepers of cultural knowledge and bearers of ancestral wisdom. The influence and guidance of Elders extend far beyond their immediate community; their teachings often reach surrounding communities, enriching lives and fostering an enduring connection to tradition.

The Significance of Elders in Early Childhood:

In early childhood, the role of Elders is of paramount importance. Their presence and teachings offer a profound opportunity to impart cultural knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. Elders become living encyclopedias, offering insights into the protocols and traditions that should be followed when they are present. By engaging with Elders, educators have a unique chance to teach children about respect, cultural values, and the profound interconnection between generations.

Seven Generations in Action:

The Seven Generations principle, when put into action, encourages communities and individuals to consider the far-reaching impact of their choices. It fosters a sense of responsibility for preserving not only the environment but also the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples. By making decisions today that prioritize sustainability and cultural preservation, we ensure that the legacy of our ancestors endures, safeguarding the well-being of generations yet to be born.


The Seven Generations philosophy, interwoven with the wisdom of Elders, serves as a guiding light for Indigenous communities and, indeed, for all of humanity. It calls us to be mindful of the impact of our choices and to consider the well-being of those who will inherit the world we leave behind. By respecting the teachings of the Elders, we honor the traditions and wisdom of our ancestors and pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. This philosophy is a profound testament to the enduring commitment to the well-being of all generations, united in the shared journey of life.

Sources: Environmental Scan of Urban Indigenous Services

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