In the Presence of Wisdom: Voices of the Land

Taken from the foreword of Voices of the Land, 1993.

When the Elders met at the gathering “The Voice of the Land Is in Our Language” on Manitoulin Island in 1993, the value of collecting and documenting the words and wisdom of the Elders was recognized. This is a document of the life histories and philosophies of the Cree, Anishnaabe, and Iroquois Elders in Ontario. We give thanks for all who have shared their time, their memories, and their language. Through your sharing, patience, frankness, and honesty, our eyes and hearts have been opened. Gathering the information for this book has reminded us that we are a part of each other. We are thankful to those who have contributed. Thanks especially to the elders who have shared their time and their wisdom. You have enriched our lives, and through this book, you will continue to do so. Above all, they reminded us that we are all connected. Everyone has a path. We have listened to your gentle voices, the good voices.

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