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Our mission is to revive and amplify these Ancestral insights and values, nurturing them for generations to come.

We extend our hand to individuals, corporations, and organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, inviting them to join us in embracing the teachings of Indigenous Ancestors, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Through this collaboration, we aspire to craft a tapestry of HOPE, HEART, and Healing that envelops all.


Indigenous Wisdom in Trauma Recovery:
Land-based Focusing Oriented Therapy

Next Session Starts January 2025

Indigenous Spotlight

We support, collaborate, and elevate Indigenous people, projects, businesses, and causes, amplifying their voices and providing a platform and services to help them grow in the modern world. 

Lodge Soy Candles

Angela DeMontigny is an internationally-renowned, Indigenous Canadian artist and designer. Her custom made and ready-to-wear, all leather clothing collections, bold accessories and statement jewelry collections have been sold in specialty boutiques and galleries throughout Turtle Island (North America) and Europe since 1995. Now, she is becoming known for her extraordinary soy candle collection.

Allen Sutherland - Healer

Allen Sutherland, also known by his spirit name Waabishki Mazinazoot Michtaatim (White Spotted Horse), and of the Bizhiw Doodem (Lynx Clan), Anishinaabe member of Skownan First Nation, Treaty 2 Territory, Turtle Island.

Allen is living out his life purpose as Anishinaabek Historian, Traditional Knowledge Keeper, Nation Builder and Healer of many healing bundles.

101 Deweguns...

In the Ojibway language the word ‘Dewegun’ translates to mean ‘living heart’. This strong ‘living heart’ medicine has always played a vital role in the human experience and continues to this day in helping remind us of our amazing ability to foster the energy of love and kindness towards one another… to all our Relations. This is a grass roots Truth and Reconciliation Art Project spreading coast to coast to coast.

Gilles Lapointe, PhD.

Welcome to the world of sustainable agriculture and soil regeneration. Led by Gilles Lapointe, PhD, they provide innovative knowledge and actionable plans to restore Mother Earth to her thriving state. Join us on a journey towards healthier soils, better water management, and thriving ecosystems.

Key Programming

Introducing our cornerstone programming at Grandmother's Voice, we invite you to explore a transformative journey through four distinct and interconnected pathways: Elders, Professionals, Community, and Virtual Events. Each of these key program components represents a unique portal to the heart of our mission, where Indigenous wisdom and contemporary insights converge.


Explore the profound insights and wisdom passed down through generations by Indigenous Elders, connecting with the timeless traditions and teachings of our Ancestors.


Gain knowledge from experts in various fields, including industry professionals and healers, who contribute their expertise to enrich your understanding and personal growth.


Engage in hands-on experiences, attend workshops, and participate in community events that foster unity, cultural appreciation, and personal transformation.


Access a wealth of knowledge and inspiration through virtual talks and informative sessions, providing valuable insights into Indigenous wisdom and wholistic well-being.

Environmental Scan of Urban Indigenous Services

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Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Teachings

Collective wisdom and guides our path towards a more harmonious and inclusive future

Creating Movement and Change

Creating Movement and Change is at the heart of our mission, as we unite to turn ideas into action and forge a more equitable world.

Sources of Information & Community Engagement

Sources of Information & Community Engagement are vital channels for sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and driving positive change.

Moving Forward Recommendations

Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Teachings offer profound insights and invaluable perspectives for a more inclusive and enlightened future.

Get Involved

Get involved in our grassroots project and experience the joy of making a meaningful difference.


Join our dedicated volunteer team today and be the change you want to see in the world.


Your generous contribution empowers us to continue our vital work, making a positive impact on communities and preserving Indigenous wisdom for generations to come.


Join us at our upcoming events to engage, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about preserving Indigenous wisdom and fostering unity.

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Welcome to our blog at Grandmother's Voice, where we explore the wisdom, unity, and stories that define our mission. Here, we share insights from Indigenous Elders, industry professionals, community events, and virtual talks. Join us on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment as we discuss the narratives that shape our work, bridging the past with the present. This is where knowledge and hope converge.

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